Delivering the highest quality initial and continuation training

Marshall Skills Academy’s focus on quality and competence means that our regulatory training, is your regulatory training. Working in partnership with your quality team we ensure that organisational context and examples are reflected in the content and establish an open feedback channel ensuring you can fully meet your Part 145 compliance obligations. To ensure the optimum level of engagement and feedback we deliver all initial training in person, with a hybrid model available for refresher sessions.

Continuation training is a two-way process, making sure that certifying employees remain current in terms of procedures, human factors, and technical knowledge and that the organisation receives 360 feedback on the adequacy of its procedures and maintenance instructions.

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Human Factors

In line with AMC2 145.A.30(e) personnel requirements we will develop a human factors course to fit your organisation. We will encourage learners to consider current and priority organisational improvement initiatives. In addition, we can provide Human Factors module 10 if required.

Fuel Tank Safety

Phase 1 & 2 combined – This course covers all knowledge required from ignition prevention to CDCCL (Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations). As with all our courses we tailor examples to platforms and practices relevant to your team.

Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS)

We provide both theoretical and practical (Module G) EWIS training, as initial or refresher courses. EWIS training provides delegates with the knowledge that they need to carry out tasks and inspection with correct practice and precautions.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and Flight Safety

An awareness appropriate for all those attending your operation, that defines the subject matter, the associated risks and covers the organisation’s controls, prevention methods and reporting plus.

Continuation Training (CT)

We can combine packages of regulatory refresher training that cover your current operational requirements, human factors, and technical awareness, furthermore we will collect and provide feedback to your organisation.

The requirement to conduct CT training should not be clouded with other industry training elements that require recurrent training. However, if an organisation wishes to blend the CT and other recurrent training elements into one combined training session (for operational reasons), then this should be clearly identified within the Training Needs Analysis (TNA), which define the CT core, non-core elements and timings.

UK CAA/EASA Part 145 Regulatory Training

We have developed this course for those roles that have a regulatory requirement to have a working knowledge of Part-145. This course providers an overview of Regulatory Structure, responsibilities, practical application of regulation and current key industry topics.

Non Certifying to Certifying Engineer Development

A key part of the developmental pathway to becoming a certifying engineer is understanding the regulatory, behavioural, and operational responsibilities that will be new to the individual. This training is recommended as part of a preparatory process for those identified as future certifying engineers.

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