Success Story - Aayushma Shrestha

Aerospace Engineer Apprentice

Why did you choose a Marshall apprenticeship?
Marshall interested me due to what I saw on the company’s website. The website showed that the company were involved with various areas like the integration of containers and CT scanners. This was really important to me at the time as even though I knew I was interested in aerospace, I wanted also wanted to learn about different fields just to keep my options open.

What did you/are you enjoying most about it?
All the different exercises we are doing in the work shop is very enjoyable as we are learning different hand skills that I previously would have thought to be incredibly hard for me to do. That is not to say that the workshop is very easy, there are multiple times and tasks that I have struggled with however that is one of the fun parts; solving a problem that I was previously struggling with. The tutors are also incredibly helpful and friendly which just adds to the experience

How have the skills learned been transferrable to the workplace?
In the workshop we learn how to follow instructions given to us by the tutors and how to collaborate with other peers to solve any small problems that may have been encountered. These skills are transferrable throughout the workplace as it is important to be able to follow any given specifications and to be able to communicate with others.

Why would you recommend the Marshall Apprenticeship to others?
I would recommend the Marshall Apprenticeship as the course being delivered by the company is in-depth and provides the apprentices with multiple skills that are useful in any given workplace. The company itself has a friendly work environment where any necessary help is easy to come by.