APM Project Fundamentals Qualification Feedback

The APM Project Fundamentals is aimed at those who are not project managers but who can gain value and improve productivity by understanding the basic principles of project management methodologies.

"There were a lot of activities and group discussions. Overall an enjoyable course, the instructor was very articulate and put over the content well." - Mick Pearce, attended July 2018

"This course will enable me to understand my new role, but also to give me confidence in taking on new projects in the Project Management Office (PMO) and how I can take them further. Steve’s a great trainer and his style suited the group." - Carri Vendy, attended September 2018

"I think the APM PFQ is a course that all senior engineers should go on to get a better understanding on what project managers are trying (or should be trying) to do. I will be able to work with project managers more effectively after attending and completing this qualification." - Alasdair Darrant, attended January 2019

"Since attending the course, I have been able to improve my communication with all stakeholders when working on projects, by better understanding the life cycles." - Leigh Meddows, attended January 2019

"Very applicable to my development and current role, and well delivered by a knowledgeable tutor." - Owen Wallis, attended March 2019