APM Project Management Qualification Feedback From Will Roney

Will Roney recently completed the APM accredited PMQ course with Marshall Centre.

“There's no way I could have done the exam without the course, even learning from the book needed clarification in the modules.” – Will Roney

Will has worked as a project manager for the past 10 years. However, his previous contract ended in March and he wanted to do something constructive with his time while seeking his next job opportunity. Will recognised that many project managers either have a PMQ or PRINCE2 qualification, therefore, he wanted to gain a certificate in project management to remain competitive and to underpin the experience he already had. So, he decided to choose a PMQ course delivered by Marshall Centre.

As Will has worked in project management for many years, he already had a good understanding of the subject matter, but the course did help him formalise some of his thinking and place things in the correct order to pass the exam; the content served as a good refresher and piece of revision.

He complimented Matt Siggens, the Marshall Centre PMQ Learning Facilitator, for his delivery of the course though virtual sessions, which Will acknowledged could be challenging at times, but Matt ensured that the delivery of the accredited course went smoothly and that everyone understood the relevant content required to gain the qualification. There were also many useful resources on the learning portal to get stuck into, which meant that there was extra information available to support their virtual sessions with Matt.

Will believes that the course was good value for money because it gave him a focus and discipline during lockdown. He would recommend the course to others even if they are already working as project managers because the way he sees the industry going, he believes that everyone will need either a PMQ or PRINCE2 qualification to remain in demand.

Will found Matt’s exam preparation session extremely helpful. Matt has great advice around techniques to help learners make the most of their time during the exam to ensure that they fully understand the questions and what they must include in each answer before they start. Will was tempted to start ploughing through the exam as soon as their time started, but he followed Matt’s advice and found this activity useful when he started answering each question in full. Will believes that he may have run out of time and would not have come out of the exam feeling as positive as he did if he did not follow Matt’s advice.