Celebrating 10 Years' of Service with Jo Boyd

This week we awarded a long-service award to Jo Boyd. Jo is the Head of Wellbeing at Marshall Centre and her role is to support the team at The Centre but also external customers with their Wellbeing approach and agenda.

Her mission is to support organisations to become better places to work with the ability to access their employee’s full potential, enabling both personal and business growth. She has developed and supported an effective team of Wellbeing Champions within the Marshall Group and increased the use of employee assistance programmes by 161%. This group was a useful touchpoint and source of data through the pandemic. She has also recently launched a new health app into the Marshall Group in partnership with Vitality @ Work to support employees with both their mental and physical health.

Outside of work, Jo is an advocate for lifelong learning, studying social sciences with the Open University, enabling her to keep up with developments in social and mental wellbeing, which she is interested in. She has also recently completed her Mental Health First Aid training with MHFS UK and will start delivering this training externally in 2021.