Harry Rayner

Aerospace Engineer Apprentice

Why did you choose a Marshall apprenticeship?
I chose Marshall because it was a local company that provided me with a degree and a career in something I am passionate in. Enabling me to earn while I obtain my degree, debt free, and with future career prospects in the company.

What did you/are you enjoying most about it?
Personally, I enjoy the diversity of the activities, especially the workshop, and the camaraderie between other apprentices and colleagues.

How have the skills learned been transferable to the workplace?
We have been learning the procedures that are required in the aerospace industry, including the practical knowledge and theoretical. As I am training to be a designer, we have been learning about mechanical science which we will later use in the design office.

Why would you recommend the Marshall Apprenticeship to others?
There is room to grow and expand skills and knowledge, with great support and guidance.