Success Story - Jordan Barnes

Engineering Technician Apprentice

Why did you choose a Marshall apprenticeship?
I enjoy engineering and have a strong passion for it, I looked at many apprenticeships around me but none of them sounded as good as the Marshalls apprenticeship as it met the aspects I required within one.

What did you/are you enjoying most about it?
I am enjoying learning the mechanical side of aircraft and the different techniques that can be used to fix them.

How have the skills learned been transferrable to the workplace?
I have learned many skills that have been transferable from the workshop such as learning how to rivet different materials which is useful for the different parts of an aircraft as well as many tools used in the hangers.

Why would you recommend the Marshall Apprenticeship to others?
I would recommend this apprenticeship to others because it is a great way to learn loads and gain a huge amount of experience in the engineering world which can open up many doors.